Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Cold Gone & Things

My summer cold finally ran its course. I have had no energy for a couple of weeks and haven't been doing much more than dreaming of quilting. But all is well! This weekend I sat at the sewing machine for a few hours. The result is this little pouch for my niece to keep her "treasurers" in. All it needs is a button. This is scrap material and a "make it up as you go" sort of pouch. An 8 year old should enjoy.

I won a giveaway from Kansas Troubles Quilters. My prize was a Snow Bloom charm pack. Look at all the amazing goodies sent with the charm pack - 4 wonderful quilt patterns, the cutest little 2.5 x 2.5 precut fabric AND the adorable tin holding the charm pack. I am in love with the tin. Thanks so much Kansas Troubles Quilters!

One day when I was feeling better yet not up to sewing I ordered the Which Witch pattern I have been coveting from Crazy Old Ladies. I got plans for this!
I do so envy all of the wonderful people who write patterns! Maybe one day!

I signed up to participate in FRIENDS SWAP 2011 being sponsored by Khris of Sew Prim Khris. Go check it out. The swap partners will be assigned August 19, 2011 - we get to spy on our partners and then send them 7 gifts representing the letters in FRIENDS. I was a part of the 2010 swap and had an absolutely wonderful time! I am looking forward to 2011.

My swap partner for the Santa Sack Swap 2 was assigned. She is Rooee of Rooee's Confetti. I'm looking for any "secret information" you might have about this person. Feel free to e-mail me any and all details! It is lots of fun to try to figure out what will make your swap partner smile.

This upcoming weekend is family time - my parents are coming from Mississippi. I very excited. I don't get to see them as often as I would like. Yet part of me would really prefer to be able to quilt - Family comes first!

Ms Cha Cha has been enjoying me feeling down.  She has been up to no good and I have ignored her behaviour. Imagine her "shock" when I  "suggested" she get off the kitchen counter this morning. She is now in my "cat retraining program!" How easily a cat forgets!


My scripture for the day "Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right." Ephesians 6:1


Joanna said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Your niece should love the pouch - it's sweet. And your Kansas Troubles win is too neat - I love the autumn colors and the patterns, and yes, the tin. I think those witches have cool taste in shoes:)

QuiltSue said...

What a great win you had, and I love the witch pattern.

I'm glad you're feeling better, even if Cha-Cha isn't!

rooee said...

congrats on the win! i just love it when charm squares come in their own tin! the pouch is very fun. :)
did someone mention my name? lol
>>> going now to check out day 2 of kitty retraining!