Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cat Retraining - Day Two

Day Two of Cat "Retraining" could not have gone better had I planned it. I wanted a bowl from the back of a kitchen cabinet which required removing a bunch of plastic bowls to reach. Everything was sitting on the counter. I stopped for a bathroom break. The next thing I heard was a "surprised" cat scream, falling plastic and then a herd of elephants (one 10 lb cat in full flight!) trampling down the hall. Ms Cha Cha decided she was safer under the bed! Ha!

I took great pleasure is lifting the bed skirt to see the wide green eyes and say - Stay off the kitchen counter! This accident was worth having to clean up the kitchen!

I do believe I should avoid the computer when feeling under the weather. Look what came in the mail yesterday ...
Such a cute pattern! Perfect for a wall hanging for my friend who loves owls. This is Remember Whoo Loves You by Acorn Quilt & Gift Company. I only remember buying one more item but I will wait until it comes to show you.


My scripture reference for today -"Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt." Deuteronomy 10:19


Joanna said...

Very charming pattern. ChaCha's a hot sketch.

QuiltSue said...

Oh poor Cha Cha. I hope she relearns fast - it's going to be so much easier on her nerves and yours!

Khris said...

ohh is your friends name Khris..lol
Hugs Khris

rooee said...

Cha Cha is helping in the retraining! clever kitty! i love the pattern is it an irish chain with an owl applique?