Friday, July 1, 2011

FREAK OUT!!!! Sigh...All is Good!

All week I have cut on my Grace for the Lucky Stars quilt. Every morning before work and every evening after work - Iron, spray starch, measure, cut, stack and iron, spray starch, measure, cut, stack and so forth. The pieces for the stars and background were stacked neatly. Tonight I started one of the 6 fabrics which border the stars - iron, spray starch, measure, cut! Bedtime is coming fast. I am going to finish this fabric and then curl up with a good book.

FREAK OUT! Much to my horror I am short fabric for two 3.5 x 8 cuts. I will be that short on all 6 fabrics! Drat! I was disgusted, frustrated, and ready to SCREAM!

Wait...take a deep breath. Oh, a sigh of relief. I remember now - I had had enough star/background fabric to cut 6 additional blocks to be used in something else. Those can be finished differently. ALL IS GOOD!!! Below is my progress so far.

5 more fabrics to cut into 3.5 x 8 and 3.5 x 9.5 strips and I will be ready to SEW! Yeah!

ALL IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Miss 376 said...

Now that would have been a nightmare. Glad you have it sorted. Looks like the fun is going to begin this weekend

QuiltSue said...

Phewww, that was lucky. This quilt should now be called "My Lucky Stars"