Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two By Two

The cutting of my Lucky Stars quilt continues. This quilt will have 42 stars using 6 different fabric prints. I now have 4 of the prints cut for 28 of the stars plus 4 (the fabric allowed 1 additional star per print - table topper or curtain valiance? Time will tell!) My goal is 2 fabrics a day or Two By Two!
The process got a wee bit "hairy" this morning. Measuring and cutting is slow for me. I am very careful of where my fingers are as the rotary glides along. Gets complicated adding two black paws, a fluffy tail and one curious nose to what not to cut! Cha Cha got gently TOSSED!!**!! off the table several times.

Cha Cha's issue was her litter box. On Tuesdays it gets the royal treatment - soaked in Pine-Sol. I always seem to pick the exact moment she is struck by nature! She worries is quite an annoying cat until she gets to christen the fresh litter. Cats!



Joanna said...

I'm finding your block stacks as irresistible as Cha Cha did:) They are so neat!

QuiltSue said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your stars start to come together now.