Monday, July 4, 2011

7 out of 8

Chain stitching! Looks like a pile of scraps. In reality there are quite a few wannabe Stars in the pile. The bright green is either the lead in or end scrap (a REAL scrap!) to keep the stitching smooth.

7 out of 8 - statistically speaking is rather good odds! Wrong! Or at least in my case, wrong is the appropriate word. When I attached the bottom rows of the 8 blocks from yesterday, I managed to flip a back seam in 7 out of 8. Same seam, same flip. The little evil voice deep within me cranked into gear - Nobody will know! Never fear - the seam ripper and I triumphed! All 7 flips were re-sewn. I have 8 out of 8 neat seams like this ...

Additionally, I have 8 blocks, one of the red fabrics, on the way to becoming Stars! I enjoyed my weekend. Hope all of you did the same.


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Miss 376 said...

You'll be so glad you put it right, it would have annoyed you everytime you looked at it. You've had a really productive weekend