Sunday, October 3, 2010


Started a Christmas project today. This is the beginning of a table runner. I did not get much done - had several not so great starts, which required the use of a seam ripper. Ughh! All of you bloggers make this quilting look so easy. I find myself thinking oh yes, I can do that! I am finding the doing a bit more complicated than my thinking. But Rome was not built in a day!

I kept hoping the local quilt shop would have a new quilters class. They have been telling me to check back in the fall; however, although the weather remains Hot in Florida, it is October. No class has been listed. So, I purchased the Quilters Academy by Harriet Hargrave and Carrie Hargrave. I am told it is a great skill building - learning to quilt book. I intend to start on page one and do the projects in order.  I have been pleased so far with the few projects I have worked on; however, I know I have lots to learn. I'm also thinking I need to go take a picture taking class! The colors are much richer in the above than they appear on the screen.

Anyway ... I am having a grand time learning a new skill! Happy quilting!


Barb said...

You will find that most of us quilters are self taught...sounds like you have a good book to teach you.

QuiltSue said...

It looks like your blocks are coming out brilliantly so you're obviously a good learner. As Barb said, most of us I think start off trying this new-fangled thing called quilting, on our own, then gradually we find other people, join a group, take a class, and suddenly you find your completely hooked.

Winona said...

Yep, self taught here. Never had a quilting class in my life. I learn better by doing. It just takes practice. Half square triangles can be a booger. LOL Just keep on learning and having fun. Your blocks are looking good to me. Winona