Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall-O-Ween & Reality Check

Gundrun is having a FALL-O-WEEN September 27th through October 6th. She has 10 designers ready and waiting. Each day there will be a great project and 10 themed blog posts.  There is also a giveaway! Sound like fun!

I got a reality check yesterday in the difference between blogging for fun and apparent blogging/giveaways for profit. I followed a link from another blog site, filled out a form and received a disturbing e-mail. I actually considered closing my blog .... but I have a great time with my little blog and since I have gained valuable knowledge into what to avoid, decided to keep on being me in my small little space. Thanks to all the quilters/bloggers I am learning from.

Happy Quilting!


QuiltSue said...

Sorry you had a horrible experience. It makes you wonder about people sometimes and what goes on in their minds doesn't it?

Barb said...

You have stirred up a little anger in me about how your were much of this is going around that it is really bothering me.

Have you seen she is having a fall giveaway and that will be even more fun. Come and join us!!