Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Home Again, My New Toy & the MadMadPotter

Back from Mississippi - got in 6:30ish yesterday and am VERY happy to be home. Cha Cha couldn't decide if she was glad to see me or mad at me! Cats ... but I came home from work today with a new mouse toy which Squeaks! I may regret this purchase later tonight. She loves it and has decided she is glad I am back.

Got ahead of myself with the cat toy. There was a lovely box waiting for me at the office. I was almost so excited I couldn't get the box open .... but I finally did! And this new toy 1/4" pressure foot was inside. I tried to think of some reason why I needed to go home early. I couldn't. Also, couldn't for the life of me get a better picture. I'm positive everyone reading this knows what the little gadget looks like. I've not had one before and needed to record the arrival.

While I had the camera out, I remembered promising (way back in July) to show a few pieces of pottery handmade by the MadMad Potter ... also known as Lady Shuttlemaker (she tats - see the inside of  the pink serving tray). I absolutely adore these pieces. Indirectly, I was inspired to start this crazy little blog by the MadMad Potter. Go check her work out. She is one of the most creative people I have ever met.

My friend who took care of Cha Cha while I was away dropped by. We had a lovely chat. I managed to mask my hands which were itching to put the 1/4" foot on the sewing machine. It is too late for this evening now - I adored the visit - the new pressure foot can wait till tomorrow evening. Good friends always come first!

Happy quilting to all!


QuiltSue said...

Have fun with your new "toy"

Winona said...

I have a Kenmore and the 1/4 inch seam foot you just got. I love both of them. I could not afford thousands of dollars for a sewing machine, so my Kenmore does just fine for me. I also wanted to say how gorgeous your kitty is. I have a long haired, Callie, and a short haired, Aeris. I love kitties, and also my new little Pomeranian puppy named Buddy. I found your blog from your comment on Mary of Quilt Hollow's blog. I liked what I saw, so I became a follower. Have a great day. Winona