Sunday, January 20, 2013

Belated Thank You(s)

I have belated thank you(s) to make. I had a wonderful holiday season the end of 2012; however, juggling family, friends, work and all the celebrations left me little time for anything else.

First Thank You goes to Kelly of IHAN. Back in November I won a beautiful fabric roll of Anastasia by Leesa Chandler. Kelly was such a doll to gift not yet released Robert Kaufman fabric she got at market. I do not have a picture to show - sorry.

Second Thank You goes to Dara of Moi's Creations. Dara was my Santa Swap partner. She send TWO boxes! See Ms Cha Cha Cat busy inspecting. I LOVE everything Dara sent. Thank you Dara!
The pictures are of a good many of my gifts from Dara. Other items have been put into use and are scattered about the house. Oh, and look at what Dara sent Ms Cha Cha Cat ......
The bowl has cute little goldfish and Ms Cat was not scared of this bowl ..... probably because Dara sent her new favorite cat treat - Catnip! Ms Cha Cha Cat says thank you Dara!

My sister gave me a sewing machine chair for Christmas. I am beyond myself excited!
I added the "mice" to the chair seat for color. Ms Cha goes no where near the chair. Her is very scared (Yeah!) of the chair. It rolled the first, and only time, she jumped on it. Wonder if I  put rollers under the kitchen counters I could get the same result - Ha! Ha!

I am hoping planning to be a better blogger in 2013 - well, at least, for the next 11 months! January will soon be memory.

One funny cat story before I go. Church members stopped across the street to sing Christmas Carols. I love Christmas music and went outside to listen. The weather was warm. My windows were open. Standing outside I hear a very loud cat HOWL! behind me. Ms Cha Cha Cat was in the window, silhouetted by the interior lights with her head thrown back like a wolf howling at the moon. Before I could correct the situation cats all over the neighborhood had taken up the HOWL! It was awful! Apparently, they were not singing Ms Cat's song!


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QuiltSue said...

You had some lovely presents, and I love the story about Ms Cha Cha joining in with the carollers!