Sunday, November 11, 2012

Home from the UK

My trip back to Florida was uneventful. I had a wonderful day at Quilt Sue's enjoying the Christmas QAL yesterday. Today someone me has to do some housecleaning. One would think Ms Cha Cha Cat could have started the laundry while I was out!

Thanks for having us Sue. Your hostess skills are amazing!

Before the housecleaning starts I'm going to party with The Henry Glass designers. Blog hop starts today. Check it out .....

November 11:

November 12:

November 13:

November 14:

November 15:
Heather Mulder Peterson

November 16:

November 17:

Ms Cha Cha Cat is being very cautious of the kitchen. She is unsure of what caused the loud noise yesterday (the fire alarm) but she does know she is very, very scared of whatever it it! lol 



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QuiltSue said...

Glad you made it home safely! Thanks for telling us about the blog hop, I'll be following that.