Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Fun!

Material nicely starched, pressed, cut and waiting to become a quilt. I am using Sue Abrey's "Stepping Stones" pattern from her wonderful book "Pick Four." The cutting took me a long time. I have nerve damage which gives me a lack of feeling in my hands. There is no pain in the cutting process. I tend to overcompensate and grasp items too tightly. This creates slippage as I work with the ruler and rotary cutter. I am learning to work around the issue. I improve the more I cut. So the fabric above became .....
I have 8 lovely 9 patch blocks of the red, cream and green ready to be cut into 4 pieces. I am leaving that for another day! I, also have the green and cream strips sewn into the mid section of 8 more 9 patch blocks and the gold and cream strips joined awaiting becoming the rest of the to be 9 patch blocks. Sue's book is so informative and well written. I love a pattern designer who takes the time to tell you the direction you need to press the seams!

Block 8 - Quilt-Uber-Fest
Designer Cara Wilson of Cara Quilts gave us this lovely block. Mine is not stitched together quite yet. It will be before I leave for work. I am having to get "creative" in fabrics utilized. I am getting down to layer cake squares with larger designs which do not fit the concept of this quilt. And I am out of two squares of the same print....Cara used 3 prints; I made do with 5 to keep going.

This has been a wonderful weekend! Hope you had as much fun as I did.

The Point is My Points ARE Improving
I had the crazy desire to come back and add this. Block 8 is together and my points are much improved. The true color is better in this photo, also. 

Happy Quilting! Have a wonderful day!


Miss 376 said...

lovely selection for your new quilt, and great points

QuiltSue said...

I love the fabrics you are using for Stepping Stones. The "red" looks wonderfully warm and cheerful.

Your points have always been good, but from the look of this block, I think they look as though they are just perfect.