Monday, July 8, 2013

Four Corners!


I will try to get some outside photos before our next monthly Country Charmer link up at Lesley's August 1, 2013. We have had rain, rain, rain, rain and more rain for days - heavy, heavy rain at that - in Panama City, FL. The completed flimsy is much too large for my design tablecloth so the two factors combined this is the best I can do for pictures right now. The weather will eventually improved.

In between stitching borders and enjoying some family fun at my sister's home with all five of her grandchildren, I found time to read emails. Wouldn't you know - BackSide Fabrics had wide width backing fabrics on sale through last Sunday. Well I had to browse and this popped into my cart..Some fabric has a mind of its own and this one wanted to live at my house!
I am all about Paisley like Lynn, our lovely Country Charmer pattern designer, is about plaid. The beautiful Kaufman Paisley I had planned to piece into a back for this quilt will become part of another quilt top.

My design wall looks so lonely. I think I will start Lincoln, this month's Another Year of Schnibbles quilt. Then again I still have last month's to finish start. And, next weekend is the link up for the Christmas QAL and Challenge. I do believe Hazel will be our hostess for the two day event. My fabrics are waiting patiently.Decisions!


JoAnne said...

Gorgeous! I love the Chocolate inner border. Perfect.

Nancie Anne Quilts said...

I'm still lovin' that purple and burgundy together!
Lookin' good...I should be sewing...not cleaning house!

Hazel said...

Just love your Country Charmer, Donna!!

Thank you for remembering the Christmas QAL this weekend - I must show the project I've been working on, and invite everyone to the party! Whoop whoop!

Sue said...

Congrats on a great finish ! I just love your Country Charmer !

Sue said...

Congrats on a Great Finish !

Just love your Country Charmer !

Lynn said...

You made the right choice Donna. I didn't read any blogs yesterday or else I would have cast my vote. You did good! I agree with Sue, save the plaid for the binding.

Jane Galley said...

Oh, that looks good! Well, done

QuiltSue said...

It looks gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing it in all it's glory as soon as the rain stops.

Lesley said...

Love your quilt! It is stunning, and spectacular and all those wonderful words and more! Congrats on a gorgeous finish!

Doniene said...

Just found your blog!!! I really enjoyed reading your last few posts!!! I really like your final choice of inner border!!! Such a lovely quilt!! Great job!!!


Candace said...

Just gorgeous, Donna! I love your fussy cutting int he second block!