Monday, May 6, 2013

Ten Down!

I got all the sashing/nine patch strips stitched for my Country Charmer. There are 10 nine patch units complete, with lots left to go. The sashing strips still mostly need a date with the iron. But I will get there!

Ms Cha Cha  and I required a nice long nap Sunday afternoon. Ms Cat had been TRAUMATIZED and needed lots of love and rest. We had a very windy and rather cool day Sunday. It was really too cool for open windows; however, Ms Cat was enjoying her window perch so I put on a long sleeve. A quick thundershower came out of nowhere and with the help of the wind Ms Cat discovered "Rain is WET!" She was not happy! Poor kitty!


Lynn said...

Ms Cha Cha needs to cuddle up under your gorgeous Country Charmer quilt the next time a storm rolls through. Your quilt will be done in no time Donna!

QuiltSue said...

Pretty blocks, they're going to look great in your quilt.

I hope Ms Cha Cha has recovered now?