Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Cat Bed

Friday after work I made a run through Pet Smart for Ms Cat's food and other needs. They had cat beds on sale. She did not need one. She reclines on the people furniture! But I thought the bed was so cute! In my basket it went.

Arriving home I proudly removed off the tags and placed the new cat bed on the floor for Ms Cha Cha Cat to enjoy.

Ms Cha Cha Cat was SCARED!!!! She hissed and spit. I tried to coax her in. No Go! I tried to put her in. She became stiff as a board while howling! I tossed one of her toys in. She threw a Cat FIT! -  until I got her toy rat free. She immediately took said rat, along with several others, under my bed for their protection. I gave up but left the offensive cat bed on the floor.

Early Saturday I finished block 20 for my Country Charmer. Ms Cha Cha Cat avoided the cat bed - walking far away from it - hissing!  I ignored her. The cat bed remained on the floor even when I left to spend the day shopping and dining with my sister.

The shopping trip was a late birthday present. I came home with quite a haul - skirt/top, Capri pants/shirt, an extra shirt and two pair of shoes. On top of that I was served crab cakes and chocolate cake at Uncle Ernie's. Talk about a fun day!!!

I got my new clothes tucked neatly away, fed Ms Cat her treats and set down at the computer. I hadn't even thought of the horrid, scary cat bed. Imagine my surprise when I noticed this ....
Either those stuffed rats are really smart and have found a way to get away from The Cat or this cat bed is no longer scary. I know for certain the gray mouse is one of the ones Ms Cha Cha hid under the bed Friday. She and I are pretending we don't see the cat bed at the moment. I bet by Monday evening she will be in love with her new bed and be wondering why I would think that funny. Cats are strange!


Nancie Anne Quilts said...

There are none so smart, so secretly conniving and manipulative as a cat! One day I'll share the story of my daughters cat and her "poor little owie leg"

Jane Galley said...

They definitely have minds of their own, they are all characters