Friday, February 4, 2011

Does Anyone Recognize This Cat?

Does anyone recognize this cat?  I do believe that is an ironing board the sweet kitty is doing a balancing act on (off?).  Thankfully, this is not my kitchen, ironing board or Ms Cha Cha (not today anyhow!). My Google homepage shows the most adorable cat pictures titled Funny Cat Photos. When I saw this one, I could not resist copying the image for all the quilter/cat lovers out there in blog land to see. Hope you get  a good laugh from this one.


Joanna said...

That's cute. It could easily be my Moxie. She climbs my bed canope, drapes, chairs, etc.

Linda said...

Cute, it did make me laugh...thanks for sharing!

Lucky-1 said...

LOL..... I know a few cats that do silly things like that..... cats and quilting areas are so funny when put together.