Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa Came!

Santa made it to my house! And, he was very generous this year. Thanks to my sister I am going to have one happy, happy day or two at Quilting By the Bay, Panama City, FL. I have been making plans in my head! I, also have an Omnigrid ruler grip, a new rotary cutter, three project filled magazines and several quilt making "gadgets."

My wardrobe increased in shades of blue, silver and white.

My parents were here for Christmas. We had a lovely family holiday.

The tree came down today. All the Christmas decorations are packed away until new Thanksgiving! Cha Cha was not a happy cat when her tree was boxed until she discovered her favorite table back under her favorite window. 

Giveaway(s) opportunity - Dawn is holding a wonderful New Year Fabric Giveaway. She has 7 yards of Dr. Seuss for one lucky winner. Drop over and visit her blog to enter. Should you happen to win please remember to send me my share for sending you over to her blog -- just kidding! Good luck to all!

Charlie of Qubee Quilts is having a giveaway for a Fandango layer cake in honor of his birthday.

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